Funds Raised

The Pravin Agarwal Foundation(TPAF) will match 20% of each donation to this campaign. If you donate INR 10,000 TPAF will add an extra INR 2000, so your donation will have 1.2X the impact. Donations to this campaign will be tax-exempt under Section 80G. 

As the Coronavirus Pandemic engulfs the nation, there is a huge demand for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits in various hospitals in India. While Healthcare workers are working day in and day out to screen and treat patients, the dire shortage of PPE kits is exposing countless healthcare workers to the risk of getting infected by the Coronavirus.

In view of the current shortage, The Pravin Agarwal Foundation (TPAF) in association with Doctors For You have collaborated with 130 prominent hospitals across India to fundraise for 250,000+ PPE kits on the online crowdfunding platform Ketto. Over the years, both TPAF and Doctors For You have worked closely with hospitals, doctors, and medical professionals and have leveraged the experience thus gained to realize that our frontline health workers do not have sufficient PPE kits.